About Us

How did we create Bangor’s first beer bus tour? Well, the seed for this idea was planted during the deep snowstorms of early 2015. How do we increase awareness of the burgeoning beer scene and all the great breweries and bars in the Greater Bangor Area?

The founder of The Growler Bus, Gene Beck, has had his hand in the Bangor Beer Scene for years now. As owner of the area’s best beer bar, Nocturnem Draft Haus, he has helped raise the bar and set the tone for the area. Nocturnem Draft Haus opened in April 2011 to a public that was growing increasingly tired of the mediocre offerings on everyone’s local tap lines. Nocturnem focuses on bringing the freshest local beer as well as the highest quality craft and imports to its taps. The Greater Bangor area has grown a lot since then with more bars and restaurants subscribing to higher quality offerings.

Previous to Nocturnem, Gene operated Swett’s Hogan Road Deli & Convenience where he proved that this area could support local, craft and import beer sales. From 2006 to 2011, Gene took Swett’s from a typical off-interstate gas station to the largest selection of craft beer in the area.

Always pushing the envelope. Always increasing availability. Always willing to teach and educate. That is our mission for this area. This is why we are operating The Beer Beast Bus.

The Growler Bus – join the adventure!